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Following on from a successful GP training event, Emma Spencer is pleased to announce training for allied health providers of services through the Better Access Scheme. Designed to educate professionals new to private practice and for those established clinicians who would like a refresher.

This training will focus on:
• Understanding the requirements of Better Access To Mental Health
• Reporting requirements
• Item numbers and structure of sessions
• Staying on top of session numbers
• Communicating with Medicare
• Glossary and understanding of the terminology (where GPs and psych's clash)
• Spencer Health procedures and templates (for you to compare or use for your own practice)
• Communicating effectively with GP practices about changes
• Touching on other medicare initiatives (e.g. HCWA, Eating Disorders)

Your Trainer:
Emma is the CEO and Principal Clinical Psychologist of Spencer Health, a Sydney based health organisation. Emma has been in private practice for 8 years and has completed specific training in the Better Access Scheme as well as being responsible for the implementation of Medicate based services within her practices. Emma is a dynamic and engaging facilitator who is well known throughout the national psychology community for her training events and enthusiasm for supporting her peers in private practice.
If you would like further information about the event, please email

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